Ball Mill Development History

In 1870, under the influence of the west first industrial revolution, the first ball mill was born in the west. Initially, the ball mill is mainly used for grinding the raw material of ceramic production. After that, the rod mill began to develop in the based on ball mill. In 1908, the autogenous mill came out.

The historical origin of ball mill began to develop. In twentieth Century 30-50 time, American and Germany had developed cement ball mill, beneficiation ball grinding mill etc. Now the development of energy-saving ball mill in mining mineral processing equipment is more and more rapidly. As the traditional grinding equipment, ball mill has also a history of over 100 years in China.

In the early 1990s, South Africa had a raw ore ball mill. This mill was generally larger diameter (more than 4.2 meters) and long cylindrical grinder. On the one hand, this mill was large ore for feeding, with semi-autogenous mill features; on the other hand, the ball mill was adding up to 25% ~40%of the volume of the, and it had the features of ball mill. Some of South Africa's long drum type semi-autogenous grinding mill transformed into the raw ore ball mill. When the large granule decreased obviously, this ore ball mill would less affected by the grinding process. This machine is mainly used for the materials with lack of large ore or more brittle.

In 1998, Finland Otto Quinn F company manufactured two ball mill for Australia's Cadia Hill copper gold ore dressing plant. The diameter was 6.71 meters by 11.13 meters, installed capacity was 2 × 4500 kW. This ball mill was match with the world's largest semi-autogenous grinding mill, whose diameter is 12.2 meters by 6.71 meters, and installed capacity of 20000 kilowatts. Their processing capacity is 2065 tons / hour, and crushing and grinding mineral size was up to 0.1 mm.

The third quarter of 2001, Denmark Fowler Smith mineral company made 3 ball mill with diameter of 7.32 metres by 11 metres for Peru's Antamina copper zinc ore plant. The installed capacity is 11200 kilowatts. The cylinder speed was 11.8 R / min. In 2002, it manufactured 3 ball mill with diameter of 7.62 meters by 11.58 meters for Escondida copper mine in Chile, the installed capacity of 13430 kilowatts / Taiwan, the cylinder speed is 11.5 rpm, processing ability of the system is 4583 tons / hour.

At present, the maximum size of wet ball mill in the world is Anglo Platinum mine in South Africa for two diameter of 7.92 meters by 12.2 meters of ball mill. The installed capacity is 17500 KW / Tai. It was made by the Danish Fowler Smith mineral company, and had been put into use in 2007. The maximum size of the dry ball mill is Krupp Corp of ball mill in the world. In 1994,it used for a gold mine in America, to treat of refractory gold ore.