Crusher Machine Development History

In China, the simplest crusher machine appeared in two thousand years ago. Its Chinese name was –chujiu, also named mortar and pestle. The further evolution of mortar and pestle was morph into the foot pestle in the 200 - 100 B.C. These tools use a lever principle, taking the initial shape of crushing machinery. However, their grinding action is still intermittent.

The earliest used continuous grinding crusher action—animal mill, was invented by Shuban Gong in the fourth century BC. Another continuous crushing mechanical action is roller. It was later than grinding. After two hundred years, the two water mill and water transfer grinding, were developed, which is based on China Du Yu in foot stone and animal mill. The production efficiency is improved to a new level. These machines except for grain processing, but also extended to other material crushing.

After the steam engine and motor power machinery gradually perfect and spread out, crushing machinery in modern was created. In 1806, the roller driven by a steam engine crusher; in 1858, American Black invented the jaw crusher machine rock crusher; 1878 America developed with the continuous crushing action of the crusher, the production efficiency is higher than the jaw crusher and intermittent breaking action; in 1895, William invented the USA impact energy the lower crushing machine.

At the same time, grinding machines also have corresponding development. The early nineteenth century appeared the widely ball mill; in 1870 on the ball mill basis of development, a discharging granularity of rod mill; 1908 created a mill without grinding media. In twentieth Century 30 ~ 50 years, America and Germany have developed a bowl mill roller, roller plate mill, vertical mill.

The emergence of these crushing machine, greatly improved crushing effect. However, because the grinding characteristics of various materials between different industry, the size requirements for the product were also different from each other, so he has created various grinding operations according to the different working principle of crushing machinery, such as wheel grinding machine, vibration mill, crusher, crushing machine, gas turbine fan coal mill, sand mill, colloid grinding etc..

With the development of science and technology, so far,crusher machinery development has already made considerable progress. Especially after entering 90 age, mechanical crushing production and sales increased rapidly, adding crusher machine production enterprises continue to increase, making the broken machinery manufacturing enterprises up to thousand, capable of producing 0.5~30t vibration crusher, roller crusher and 16~30t 4~24t static tire crusher etc. series products relatively complete specification complete, basically formed independently development and production of complete crusher manufacturing system, the technical level and international advanced level in the gap is gradually narrowing. This situation of rapid growth is bound to drive crushing machinery parts industry to a new period of development.