The History Of Hammer Crusher

Development of the crusher has changed several times, the modern history of crusher development from the beginning of the western industrial revolution. With the development of science and technology, crusher development has made great achievements. Especially after entering 90 age, the development of hammer crusher has been greatly improved along with the market demand.

In 1895, the world appeared the earliest hammer type crusher. The working part was the hammer hinged on the turntable. When the material came into the hammer crusher, it was crushed immediately by the high-speed rotating hammer impact, and taken to the sieve mesh, the discharged from the bottom. According to the rotor number, it could be divided into the single rotor and double rotor type. The single rotor type could be divided into irreversible and reversible.

Hammer crusher impacts ore by the use of high-speed rotary hammer. Ore ruptures along the delicate parts including natural fractures, bedding planes and joint faces and so on. It is suitable for crushing medium hard, brittle, with small quantity of material. In the building materials factory, it is mainly used for the crushing of coal, shale, limestone, chalk, gypsum and asbestos ore etc. In general, the hammer crusher, which has the heavy hammer, fewer hammer slower speed, a upper grate and hammer plate structure, can enter the large particle size material. It is suitable for middle crushing or a range of coarse crushing. Otherwise, it is suitable for middle and finely crushing.

Mechanical engineering is the foundation for the development of a country, its development speed is gradually increased. Hammer crusher as industry leaders, there will be more technology into them, so that the operation and maintenance of equipment is more humanized, automation. Basic construction of domestic increased gradually. It has brought a broad market for hammer crusher. The market demand is gradually increasing, and the intense competition is increasing in the market. So far, Hammer crusher has undergone the development history of a few years. The industry scale is from small to big, from single to comprehensive. It provides the most powerful technical support for the successful of construction project.