Vertical Roller Mill Development History

The first vertical mill was developed in Germany in 1920s. The first vertical mill was used for cement in West Germany in 1935. After the vertical mill used in cement plant for many years in Europe, it was used in America and Canada.

Europe is willing to develop and apply the vertical mill, due to the fuel and power costs are relatively high at the time of European countries. Because the energy costs were also rise later in American, it was increasing interest in the vertical mill. American first vertical mill was put into operation at the end of 1973. Later, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Congo and other countries had adopted the vertical mill.

In the end of the last century, the economic developed rapidly in Southeast Asia area. And the cement market was also to develop. Large scale cement production line, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, was found in this area, and large vertical mill was also a lot of obtained using.

Vertical mill technology breakthrough came in the end of 1960s. Then vertical mill was improved and the large scale. After grinding raw material is used in cement industry in Europe, America, Asia, in 1970s, it obtained the rapid development. At that time, there had been 500tph capacity of large vertical mill. In 1990s, the grinding technology had a new leap. Application of finite element analysis, thermal conduction analysis, flow calculation, optimization of process parameters and other modern methods, was to solve the large vertical mill process and structural difficulties. The application of new wear-resistant materials, were to prolong the service life, so as to ensure the realization of ultra large scale vertical mill, to ensure a large dry process cement production line of coal mill capacity requirements.

In foreign modern new dry process cement production line construction, vertical mill share more than 90%. At present, the world's largest LM63:41 vertical mill was designed and manufactured by West German Loesche in 1999. The motor power is 5600KW. It was used for Siam cement factory No. 6 line in Thung.Song group in Thailand. The actual production capacity is 709t/h. Polysius produced the RM69/29 vertical mill, and its power was 5000KW, production capacity was 600t/h. it had been used for Indrol cement factory in Indonesia. Pfeiffer manufactured the MPS5600B vertical mill. Its motor power was 5400KW, and design production capacity was 480t/h. it had been used in India's Mahara Shtra cement plant.