Vibrating Screen Development History

Vibrating screen is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. It is the screening machinery used for the material sieving, grading, washing, dehydration, dehydration of dielectric. In recent years, the research of vibration screening technology is great importance all over the world. Such as strengthening the vibration parameters, large scale equipment, three of the machine parts, popularization and application of self-synchronization technology, the new screen appears, revolve around the development of vibrating screen.

Foreign countries began to research and production of screening machinery from the sixteenth century. In the eighteenth century, in the period of European industrial revolution, screening machine had obtained the rapid development. To this century, screening machinery has developed to a higher level. The common vibrating screen have several kinds: circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, resonance screen, thickness screen, probability sieving machine, high frequency vibrating fine screen, electromagnetic vibration vortex screen and so on.

The vibrating screening machine is the use of porous surface vibration, and the mixed materials of different particle size to classify by particle size. It is usually installed in the bottom of the feeding device, to give the even feeder. The technical level of screening equipment is related to the process quality, production efficiency and energy saving, which directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises. While the vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, with the advantages of large capacity, reliable, it has an absolute advantage in all screening equipment, which occupied about 95% in the market.

Germany Schenk company can provide more than 260 kinds of screening equipment. Screening equipment of STK company production has the complete varieties series of vibrating screen, and the technical level is high. KHD company produces 200 kinds of screening equipment, and their general degree are higher. KUP and Sea Inler Mann companies have developed double dip screening equipment. The new development of DF11 dual frequency screen of American RNO company, uses a different speed vibrator. DRK company has developed three distributor feed, with a high speed motor to drive. Tokai KK and RXR companies jointly developed vertical stream screen, and combined the rotary motion and turning motion was particularly effective for fine once grading. To solve screening fine powder coal from the wet raw coal, the British developed the swirling probability screen. The Soviet Union developed the self-synchronous linear vibrating screen, which has the advantages of both a multipurpose resonance screen and linear vibrating screen.