Cone Crusher

Importance of Cone Crusher in Germany

Cone crusher machine is the mainstream machine for mineral ore crushing industry at present. It has wide application and it has good performance. With low operation costs and high machine price, its price will be from 200000 to 5 million. The cone crusher machine’s quality and stable is the current China's mining equipment manufacturing enterprise technical strength. The corporate earnings also greatly depend on the cone break sales success or failure.

Cone crusher machine is almost the important machine for an enterprise. The sales volume of cone crusher is directly affecting the whole company performance. The whole word is short of mineral ore materials and many countries are robbing resources. The cone crusher machine will have more board market on the whole world.

Cone Crusher in Germany can be used to break the materials whose size is no larger than 200mm. It is commonly used after jaw crusher machine and used as secondary crushing and tertiary crushing machine. The final products of cone crusher machine will be adjusted between 10-65mm. It is better for no ductile brittle hard materials and it has no strict requirements for final end products size.

There are several kinds of Cone Crusher in Germany on the mineral ore crushing machine market. For clients, choosing the most suitable machine is very important for the production line. Here, I will introduce the distinguishes of different type cone crushers for your selection.

Distinguish Of Different Type Cone Crushers

HPC series cone crusher machine adopts the multi-cylinder hydraulic device to replace the spring device. It can automatically discharge the materials with hydraulic function in case of the machine has iron materials in the crushing cavity or instant stuffy machine. It largely reduces the original cone crusher processing method and it is very convenient for maintenance and save costs. The hydraulic device is convenient for cleaning cavity.

HPC series cone crusher machine’s main shaft can be designed with large size. The main shaft is directly on the frame and is support directly by the frame.

The CS series cone crusher machine’s deflecting force is bearing by the main shaft two sides. It will crush the material through the up side driving the moving cone and lower end will rotate by the eccentric bushing. The main shaft is the slender structure. However, the HPC series cone crusher machine eccentric power is bear by the main shaft middle part. The main shaft is not move. The moving cone is directly installed on the eccentric bushing. The main shaft is short and thick and the bearing force will be improved.

CS series cone crusher machine bowl type tile is in the middle part of main shaft. The upper part bears the moving cone and main shaft and the lower part is installed on the foundation through the bowl type bearing frame. It can be side that the bowl type frame will bear the weight. It is the important part. The HPC cone crusher’s bowl type tile is on the top of the main shaft and it only bears the moving cone. The main shaft lower part is directly installed on the machine body. For the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher machine, only main shaft and foundation will bear the weight.