The operation and routine maintenance of jaw crusher is very important. Proper operation and maintenance not only improve the crushing capacity of jaw crusher, but also can extend the service life of jaw crusher.

But improper operation and maintenance or negligence in the operation is the main reason that causes accidents. In this article, we introduce operation and routine maintenance of jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Operation

Preparations Before Starting Jaw Crusher

  • Check if the main parts are in good condition and if there is any loose in the tighten bolts, check if the safety device is complete;
  • Check and make sure the feeder, conveying device and electrical equipment are in good condition;
  • Check the lubrication device and make sure the cooling water pipe valve is open.

Starting And Normal Operation

While starting the jaw crusher, operator should strictly follow the operating rules.

When start the main motor, pay attention to the ammeter indicator in the controller. After about 20-30 seconds, the current will back to the normal standard.

Adjust and control the feeding raw materials and make sure the raw materials are fed evenly. And the size of raw materials should be below the 80-90% of the feed opening.

Pay attention to the temperature of bearings. Generally, the temperature of sleeve bearings should below 60℃ and the temperature of antifriction bearings should below 70℃.

When there is automatic tripping in jaw crusher, operator should find out the reason. Continuous start by force is forbidden.

When there is mechanical breakdown or human injury, operator should stop the jaw crusher immediately.

Attention When Stop Jaw Crusher

  • The sequence of stop the jaw crusher is opposite to the sequence when start jaw crusher.
  • Operator should stop the lubrication device and cooling system when the jaw crusher is fully stopped. In winter, after stopping the jaw crusher, the recycling cooling water should be fully discharged to avoid frost crack of bearings.
  • After stop the jaw crusher, operator should clean the machine and the around and check the working condition of each part in jaw crusher.

In the last part we mainly introduce the operation of jaw crusher. In the following part, we focus on the routine maintenance of jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Maintenance

The routine check and maintenance of jaw crusher should be carried on from the following aspects:

Check the heating situation of bearings. The bearing alloy that used to cast the bushing only can work normally when the temperature is below 100℃. If the temperature is higher than 100℃, operator should stop the jaw crusher immediately and check the bearings and remove the fault. The checking method is: if there is thermometer on the bearings, operator can directly read the number. But if there is no thermometer, operator can touch the bearings by hand. Put the hand back on the bushing, if it takes less than five seconds that we cannot stand the heating, then the temperature is above 60℃.

Check if the lubrication system works normally. Check if there is any clash in the gear oil pump. Check the number of oil pressure gauge and check the oil value in the oil tank and if the lubrication system leaks oil. Once found the oil tank is lack of oil, operator should add it immediately.

Check the return oil value in the oil return line. Check if there is any metallic powder or other impurities in the lubricating oil in oil return line. If there is, operator should stop the jaw crusher immediately and open the lubricating parts in the bearings and check them.

Check if connecting keys of screw bolts, flywheel key loosen.

Check the wear degree of jaw plates and transmission parts and check if there is any crack in the tie rod spring.

Keep the cleanness of jaw crusher, especially for the lubrication system and lubricating parts, we should make sure there is no dust or other impurities enter them. Otherwise, it not only will break the lubricant film, making the jaw crusher lose lubrication and increase the damage, but also will accelerate the damage of jaw crusher and decrease its service life.

Change the lubricating oil in the oil tank regularly.