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Mobile crusher is our company to meet market demand, independent research and development of the full hydraulic drive tracked vehicle screening equipment broken mobile site walk. Has the advantages of high performance, high reliability, beautiful shape, reached the international level of similar products. High performance of crusher series, with the site full hydraulic drive tracked vehicle, and high performance integrated feeder crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, crusher screen under the vehicle integration, installation of belt conveyor, vehicle mounted motor and control box integration. Widely used in road construction, city building, metallurgy, energy and other sectors, crushing, screening and other operations.

Mobile crusher is crushing equipment with high efficiency, by using a self drive mode, advanced technology, complete function. In any terrain conditions, the device can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the material handling operation, and is convenient to all mechanical equipment coordination. Through the manipulation of the wireless remote control, you can very easily to the crusher to the trailer, and be transported to the job site. Because without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site to work immediately. Station of big crushing ratio of broken track mobile, the optimization design can meet the needs of crushing technology characteristics, the needs of high productivity, product granularity uniformity.

Because without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site to work immediately. Greatly expand the coarse crushing, fine crushing concept field. The purpose of the design idea of mobile crusher station is a station in the customer's position, remove the broken ground, environment, complicated configuration to the customer breaking barriers, as the primary solution. The real operation of the project of hardware facilities is simple, efficient, low cost for the customer.

  • 1. Cummins diesel engine with excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance, reliability, economy, provided the source of environmental protection. The engine can be added protection low temperature preheating device, the device can be easily started in low temperature -25C degrees.
  • 2. the chassis adopts rigid hull structure, high strength, ground down, through the good, good adaptability to the mountain, wetland.
  • 3. mature technology, high torque hydraulic motor, large driving force, high reliability. Walking system adopts hydraulic system, full power variable type of excellent performance, high reliability, can make full use of the power of the engine, the main hydraulic components (pump, valve etc.) using components imported from japan.
  • 4. imported servo forerunner control system operating system, convenient operation, accurate control, can realize stepless speed.
  • 5. breaking the mature products, the company's production of screening equipment has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance. Sieving equipment using the angle of 20 DEG, the screening of highly efficient and reliable./li>

The concept of environmental protection of mobile crusher: The mobile crushing station noise muffler, the best noise absorption system, equipment, compact and flexible, can meet the city construction waste crushing, dust removal system, diesel engine noise pollution status for the release system can remote control hydraulic exclude mobile crushing station, pre screening device can improve the crushing efficiency.