Portable crusher is also called portable crusher station, is a new kind of rock crushing equipment, greatly expanding the crushing operation concept. Its design purpose is to stand in the position of customers, to eliminate the broken ground, crushing obstacles environment to customers as the primary solution, and provides the operation of the project facilities high efficiency and low cost for the customer.

Portable crusher is crushing equipment with high efficiency, by using a self drive mode, advanced technology, complete function. In any terrain conditions, the device can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the material handling operation, and is convenient to all mechanical equipment coordination. Through the manipulation of the wireless remote control, you can very easily to the crusher to the trailer, and be transported to the job site. Because without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site to work immediately. Station of big crushing ratio broken jaw movement, the optimization design can meet the needs of crushing technology characteristics, the needs of high productivity, product granularity uniformity.

portable crusher

Portable Crusher Structure: portable crusher station is composed of jaw crusher and vibrating feeder is composed of coarse crushing unit, equipped with double feeder, the feeder is reduced at the same time. The double jaw crusher throughput with, also can increase the total yield. The jaw crusher with a wide range, mobile jaw crusher is mainly used in the quarry products. Mobile primary crushing jaw crusher machine processing range in 50-500 tons / hour.

Portable Crusher Working Principle:compared with other mobile convenience, covers an area of small, can be directly selected site, placed in the field can be put into production, there is an important feature is the crusher common in the arrival of materials crushing cavity, are to be transmitted through the belt conveyor is placed in the ore on the surface feeder breaking and crushing machine, while the mobile crushing station machine belongs to the crusher 'feeder is tightly adjacent to the middle, transmission does not need the raw material from the conveyor, mine excavator directly delivered to the inlet of crusher, material will be injected into the crusher at a fixed speed, this not only reduced the unnecessary process speed and cost but also greatly reduce the unnecessary trouble, breaking each station in the crushing equipment that has been back and forth, until all the raw materials are broken completed.

portable crusher working principle

Portable crusher station all the equipment and structure are used the most advanced steel research and development, the quality of customers can be assured of the one hundred percent, one day be able to continuously work in our crushing station, a week can take at least 6 hours of service, to interface with broken material machine machine platform, and the steps of the overhaul, fundamentally reduce the unnecessary delaying them happen.

Mobile crusher station we launch eliminated when broken trival steel frame structure, the foundation of construction, saving a lot of time. The portable crushing station can be directly selected site, directly to the site, without transport, direct to finished product size. Especially suitable for crushing the site is small, suitable for disposal of the construction waste, construction waste crushing. Mobile crusher station at the same time, the investment cost is greatly reduced, but improve the investment income.