Quarry Crusher

Introduce Of White Stone Quarry Crusher

With the rapid development of the national infrastructure and industrial construction, stone quarry crusher equipment types and manufacturers to emerge in an endless stream, many users more choices, but also will let customers in the selection of quarry crushing equipment, do not know how to choose the suitable crushing equipment.

For an aggregate gravel plant, need to use different crushing equipment production and function configuration of production line to meet the production requirements. So how to choose to suit the quarry crusher own quarry plant production requirements?

One.Characteristics of a stone

The hardness of stone, clay content and water content are important data, also should be in accordance with the maximum size of the election to choose the stone broken equipment, such as feeding small can directly enter the two stage quarry crusher equipment. If the broken stone hardness is too large, such as stone, granite, pebbles, can use the jaw crusher, cone crusher are broken; the hardness of small stone, such as limestone, can choose the crusher to two crushing, the crusher has the effect of beauty of the stone, the discharge particle size is relatively better, also like limestone and other soft materials, the wear of teeth plate wearing parts such as a minimum, saves the production cost, improve production efficiency.

Two. the requirements on product quality

The size of the finished product, the customer requirements of stone shaped decision should choose what kind of quarry crushing equipment. If the broken out of the sand and gravel for the size of the words, but also the configuration of sieving sieving equipment. In many engineering, soil containing gravel if too high, also need to sand washing machine, sand washing process to add a.

Three. the use of the product

The national highway, High-speed Rail, bridge construction for aggregate requirements are different. According to the needs of the user finished stone on stone production equipment, reasonable arrangements for the allocation of. Such as the requirement of highway, High-speed Rail, dams and other projects on the stone is relatively high, if the use of such construction cracks, the sharp corners of the stone will increase the risk of the project collapsed. Often use the impact crusher, stone processing, in order to achieve the fine material standard.

Users in the choice of quarry cruher, can refer to the above three points, can also be combined with the requirements of their own to find some professional manufacturers, in order to provide professional advice, help users to purchase the appropriate crushing equipment.