In the operation process of cone crusher, there might be problems occurred. Knowing how to solve these problems will effectively help customers reduce the downtime of cone crusher and reduce the economic loss. So in this article, we introduce frequent problems and their solutions in cone crusher.

Cone Crusher Frequent Problems And Solutions

Fixed Form Of Bushing

The bushing and main body adopt zinc alloy to fix, and since the strength of zinc alloy is not strong enough, so after a certain time of operation, it will loss fixed action. In this case, some small sized rocks will enter the gap between them or even enter the lubricating oil, leading to the heat, shrink and shift of bushing. When the bushing shifts up some certain distance, there will be friction between bushing and large gear, producing friction heat.

Solution: first of all, adopt interference fit between the external diameter of bushing and the main body, especially for the upper side of bushing. Secondly, change the fixed form by bond fixation, which not only can avoid the rotation of bushing, but also avoid its shifting up.

Loosen Of Connection Between Cone Head And Principle Axis

The connection between cone head and principle is threaded connection which may easily loosen in the operation process of cone crusher.

Solution: after a certain time of operation, we should assembly process the internal thread of cone head according to the actual size of thread on the principle axis in order to make them match with each other.

Uneven Wear Of Bowl Liner And Bushing

The main reason cause the even wear of bowl liner and bushing is that the center lines of feed opening and cone crusher are accordant while the geometric center line of raw materials through the feed opening is not accordant with the center line of feed opening. In this case, when the raw materials enter the crushing cavity, they all flow to one side, causing the uneven wear.

Solution: move the feed opening and make the geometric center line of raw materials through feed opening and the center life of feed opening accordant. Other way is to optimize the feeding device in order to make the raw materials fed into cone crusher evenly.