Research And Development Of Fault Diagnosis Method

With the continuous development of science and technology and the substantial progress of industrial production, many features of machinery have changed greatly, such as the reliability and practicability etc. Fault diagnosis has been disseminated rapidly into all over the world and drew attention from experts. Many experts and engineers in the world keep on researching and have already adopted various advanced technology into fault diagnosis. So now fault analysis and diagnosis have been accepted by people as a new subject.

Crusher Fault Diagnosis Method

In the following part, we focus on the fault diagnosis method of jaw crusher and impact crusher.

Jaw Crusher Fault Diagnosis Method

Jaw crusher should be officially put into operation after some time no-load operation. In the process of no-load operation, we can observe if there is any abnormal of jaw crusher. And once find anything abnormal, operator should deal with it timely.

When there is stuck in jaw crusher, operator mustn’t directly clean it by hand. Instead, operator should adopt iron tools or professional tools. If it is necessary, operator can stop the feeder until the bulk raw materials get crushed or cleaned.

In the operation of jaw crusher, temperature is a very important index to check if the jaw crusher is running normally. Operator can look at the thermometer or test the temperature by hand. When the temperature of bearings is above 60℃, operator should check the bearings carefully and take measures timely.

Impact Crusher Fault Diagnosis Method

If the noise of impact crusher increases suddenly, operator can check if the gap is too large. At the same time, if there is also knocking sound in impact crusher, operator can check if there is uncrushable material enters the crushing cavity. If there is, operator should clean it timely. And the sound might also because the screw bolts that fix the impact plate loosen, making the blow bar and impact plate collide. For this problem, operator should tighten the bolts immediately to avoid any further problem.

No matter in the operation or off working state, operator should carry on maintenance of crushers, which not only can reduce the fault rate, but also can extend the service life of crusher.