For grinding as the representative of the Chinese powder processing equipment industry´╝îautomation should be an important development trend in the future. Automation means that unmanned operation, workers will be liberated from a dangerous work environment, for the future development of micro powder mill also what can be done about it?

Automation equipment powder grinding is a large complete set of equipment in the automation system, also known as automation device. A machine or device in the process without human intervention by program or the provisions of the directive is automatic operation or control. The use of automation technology can make people from the heavy manual labor, some mental work and the bad, dangerous working environment liberated. In the use of automation equipment, the operating personnel and equipment maintenance personnel need to redouble our circumspect treats machine, not because of a momentary negligence and let the machine equipment is damaged.

Therefore, in the future when operate the micro powder grinding equipment, knowledge of operators and maintenance personnel is very demanding. Enterprises need to hire a professional personnel for maintenance and operating equipment.

Micro powder mill automation equipment in use process will inevitably have some malfunction. For example, owing to the negligence of equipment maintenance personnel, some of the sensor position errors may occur, therefore, should always check the sensor location and the sensitivity of sensor, if there is a deviation in a timely manner to adjust. In addition, as a result of automation equipment vibration, most of the sensor in the long-term use, there will be a loose situation position, so during routine maintenance should check the position of the sensor is correct, whether fixed tightly.

In the development of micro powder mill advanced stage will be intelligent, only in this way can obtain the corresponding powder added value, reflects the high-end of high-yield, gradually gathers real competitive advantage, and then becomes a respected global market competitor. On the path of mining machinery development in our country, improves the independent innovation ability will become a key support to improve the whole quality of mining machinery. increase the technology innovation, integrate of science and technology resources, rely on major projects for science and technology, break through the core and key technologies, and develop intelligent is the key.

In the development of micro grinding machinery automation, at the same time, the mode of production and the management pattern is undergoing profound changes, the enterprise needs to adjust the industrial structure to adapt to the automation and intelligence of the future industry development needs.