Movable jaw is a very important part in jaw crusher and it is also the main workload while assemble jaw crusher. And the installation of antifriction bearing takes most of the part in the installation of movable jaw. Properly installed bearings are the guarantee of the normal running of jaw crusher. In this article, we mainly introduce the installation of bearings in jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Bearings Installation

Check Before Installation

Before the installation of bearings, operator should firstly check if there is rust on the bearings. If there is, operator should wash it by diesel oil or kerosene. And then check if the radial internal clearance of bearings, size and precision of inner hold and journal size of eccentric shaft meet the requirements.

Attentions While Installation

After the check, operator should start to install the bearings, which need special attention. Since the journal interference of bearings is large, we should adopt hot charge practice instead of the traditional method. First of all, heat the bearings to about 100℃ and install them after the axle hole expending larger than the size of the journal. The hot charge practice is mainly adopting oil bath to heat the bearings. This is because the bearings are after quenching and have high hardness. If we adopt firewood or gas welding to heat the bearings, the bearings may deform because of the unevenly heat. Also it may reduce the hardness of bearings, thus reducing the service life of bearings.

Attentions After Installation

Check The Radial Internal Clearance

After installing the bearings and waiting until they completely cool, operator should check the radial internal clearance of bearing by feeler. If the radial clearance is too small or even there is no radial clearance, operator should find out the reason timely. And if operator cannot find the reason, then we need to dismantle it and re-install it. If the radial internal clearance is proper, then operator can smear the lubricating oil and install other parts.

Attention The Working Temperature

There is another factor that we should pay special attention to: the working temperature of bearings. under normal condition, the temperature of bearings should be below 70℃. But there is exceptional case, for example, for large scaled antifriction bearings, because of their severe working condition and dust production, plus the high weather temperature, the working temperature of bearings may reach to about 100℃. For this condition, operator should strengthen the lubrication of bearings, adding lubricating oil frequently (about 2-3 days a time). But if the working temperature is much higher than 100℃, operator should check if there is problem in bearings.